Today, we’ve received several reports of changes in residential sanitation services. The first report was a voicemail directed to customers of Republic Services. They state that trash collection and recycling will be limited to anything contained in bins, and will exclude any bulk items, items or bags placed outside of bins, and yard waste. Republic has yet to announced the service change on their website. The second report was from Gwinnett County sanitation. The message was similar; Trash collection will be limited to what can be placed inside of bins. Gwinnett states normal pickup will resume on April 7. It’s important to note that there was no mention of schedule changes or collection delays for either company. Both services attribute the change to an increase in residential waste. With restaurants, schools, and businesses closed, families are eating more meals at home. Many residents are taking advantage of the curbside takeout offered by some restaurants. While that’s a great way to help local businesses, those bulky to-go containers eventually find themselves in your kitchen garbage. We expect more sanitation services to make similar announcements to keep up with demand. If you receive notice from another provider, would you please leave a comment in the section below? Thanks.

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