Website Launch Announcment

Rent Appeal opened its doors in the Atlanta area the beginning of 2014. We’ve already reached many milestones in our journey. One that we’re particularly proud of is this website. It’s still – and will always be – a work in progress, since our goal is to constantly provide the latest technology and create a growing community where ideas and information are freely shared. We believe that we all benefit from our shared experience. We invite you – the home owner, the renter, the do-it-yourselfer – to interact with us via this website and our social media channels. We want to know what’s working, what could work better, and how we can improve together. We hope to hear from you soon!

7 Landscaping Tips to Prep Your Property for Spring

A property’s landscape is often the first thing prospective tenants notice. A yard in dire straights could be construed as neglectful ownership and drive away potential renters.  If your landscaping has been neglected, spring is the perfect time to create some rent appeal. (See what we did there?) provides the following tips on how to get your yard looking great for Spring. Tip #1 helped me – I usually begin my weed treatments once I see them, which is too late. In Georgia, you should begin applying a pre-emergent in February to nock out the roots of weeds before they become a problem. Read more