About Us

Rent Appeal is an Atlanta based property management company that began in 2013, guided by the principles of simplicity, efficiency and passion. Over my career, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard other Atlanta property managers say they can’t wait to retire or sell the company. Property management is not a passion for all, or even many. It’s a position that plays on so many emotions of both ours and those for whom we work.

When managing the place that people call home, it can be difficult to set proper expectations when dealing with maintenance, late rent, lease violations, and other day to day tasks. You may think that managers need to “take the emotion out of it”, but if we did that, tenants wouldn’t be inclined to stay long term. We have to create balance within the tenant, landlord and vendor world. By doing so consistently, we can create strong, lasting relationships.

Rent Appeal has a strong focus in property preservation and pro-active maintenance. We believe that a property should not be marketed until it is completely “turn-key” ready. Attention to detail pays off when we get full price offers and multiple qualified applicants. We select properties for our portfolio based on the owner being like-minded and not because of potential profit.

Owners can easily take the cheap route with repairs and maintenance, but they will not be a good fit for our structure. We seek out well-maintained properties and are able to find well-qualified, serious tenants as a result. We consider this landlord/management relationship to be long term and much like that of a marriage. There may be differences of opinion along the journey, but as long we can agree on the destination, we’ll arrive there together.

Our team of experts

Jennifer WhaleyBroker
Cara CraginProperty Manager
Jiaojiao LiProperty Manager Assistant
Itzel OrtizOffice Manager
Rachel JohnsonProperty Manager
Laura PiombinoApplications Manager