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Tenant Screening

We work hard to find the right tenant for your investment

How We Screen Your Rental Applicants

Atlanta Tenant Screening

Rent Appeal has developed a best-in-class system for screening and approving qualified tenants. Our qualifying standards help protect your investment from damage, lost income, and legal liability, while ensuring all applicants are treated fairly under fair housing laws.

Filling vacancies is essential to your success as a landlord. You also need to make sure that the residents who rent your home can be trusted.

Screening tenants is one of the most crucial steps in filling vacancies. You don’t want to end up with problematic renters because other than stress, having to deal with difficult tenants can cost you time and money.

We perform a rigid screening process that eliminates potentially difficult renters. We conduct a variety of background checks, including the verification of their financial resources, employment background, and past rental history.

We only accept tenants who can pass our strict background checks to avoid unnecessary issues in the future.

Application Process

Our tenant screening process thoroughly examines multiple qualification factors. Not only do we check credit, but also background, rental history and employment status. Our applications are processed in-house to allow us a more in depth analysis. We want to be certain that all information is deemed accurate and true.

All too often, a potential tenant may look good on paper, but a deeper inspection reveals warning signs or disqualifying factors. Non-qualified tenants can and do cost Atlanta landlords thousands in lost rent, legal fees and property damages. We spend our time checking application accuracy while upholding consistent standards for all applicants. We follow all state and federal guidelines and never discriminate against protected classes. It’s important for everybody to have a place to call home and we love helping the Atlanta people find a clean and safe place to live.

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