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Rental Property Marketing

HD photos and flexible showings reduce vacancy

Marketing Your Rental Property

Marketing Your Atlanta Rental Property

At Rent Appeal, we’ve developed effective marketing strategies, ensuring top placement in a crowded field.

Does this sound familiar? A landlord lists a property on all the top rental sites. The listing looks great, uses a lot of pictures, contains catchy phrases, and even seems priced right. They see their ads are getting tons of hits, but the property has sat for weeks with very little interest. Why?

This scenario is more common than mosquitoes at a barbecue.

If you’re competing for average, you’ll get average results. Wouldn’t it be nice to have tenants competing for your property? Tenants who feel privileged to call your house a home? It’s easier than you think.

We often have properties receive multiple qualified applications in a single day, and our tenant qualification standards are far above average. How do we accomplish this? By implementing this one simple trick… Just kidding—no tricks are involved. We simply use tried-and-true methods and present a better product.

We know which details attract high-quality tenants and, equally important, the details that may deter them. Tenants recognize that Rent Appeal homes come with a commitment to customer satisfaction for as long as we manage the property.

Plus, we syndicate your premium listing to all major outlets, including Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, Loveley, Realtor, and local MLS, allowing your home to be shown by licensed agents with clients ready to sign.

Finally, once we’ve found your tenant, we’ve streamlined the lease-signing process. We provide a hassle-free electronic lease that can often be signed that same day. Tenants love the convenience and we love making it simple for them to move into their new home. We believe that’s the way it should be.

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