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Maintenance and Repairs

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Maintenance and Property Inspections

Atlanta Property Maintenance

Without a doubt, maintenance is unquestionably the most time consuming piece of managing properties. Every Atlanta property is unique, and so is each property owner. There is no single solution to fit every maintenance situation. Every owner also has their own preference of involvement regarding emergencies and repairs. Because of this, we are able to customize the lines of communications with owners. Some prefer a phone call and others a text or email. Regardless of the preferred method, we feel that every owner should know when maintenance is necessary, even those that may seem insignificant.

Before renting out your property, we perform a thorough evaluation of the condition of your rental unit, documenting every detail to protect your investment asset. This helps eliminate any potential issues by addressing the problems early on.

We also conduct a move-in and move-out inspection to ensure that tenants are aware of the condition of the property, and that they’ll maintain the upkeep of the rental unit until their lease term ends.

Moreover, we handle all repair requests from tenants. With our 24/7 maintenance support, you don’t have to answer late-night phone calls due to emergency maintenance requests. You can also rest assured that your property will remain in top condition.

The landlord is notified as soon as the maintenance request comes in. They are given the description of the problem, any troubleshooting that management has done, and they are told what the plan is to get the repair remedied.

Prices and budgets are discussed every time. Whenever possible, we include a before and after picture along with the invoice. Repairs are given top priority to ensure they are resolved quickly. Our vendors have provided current copies of liability insurance and worker’s comp to ensure our owners are protected. Because of our good relationships in Atlanta, Marietta and beyond, vendors are likely to discount their regular service prices. And, because Rent Appeal does not profit from maintenance, we can pass those discounts directly to our owners. We simply dedicate our position to keeping properties well maintained.

24/7 Maintenance Support

Our in-house maintenance supervisor keeps the pipes flowing during the day, and our after-hours team makes sure your tenants stay comfortable all night. No matter when the plumbing hits the fan, we have maintenance covered so that you can rest easy.

Vendor bills and receipts are emailed monthly with Owner Statements and are also available through our online Owner Portal

How This Benefits You

  • We offer quality repairs at competitive prices
  • You can rest easy knowing your home is protected nights, weekends and holidays
  • Accurate billing so you can keep track of your investment
  • Prompt response to protect your property and keep your tenants happy

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