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Live In Atlanta? - Join Our Growing Family!

Rent Appeal is growing, and frankly, we could use some help around here!

We’re looking for part-time help around the office - a few days a week during morning hours. Interested? Well, then, let's see if there's any chemistry between us!
  • Do you live near midtown Atlanta?   Hey - that’s where we are! So far, so good.
  • Do you hate cubicles and large, lifeless offices?   Good! We have neither of those things. We’re a small, boutique, family business. No life-sucking, windowless boxes or drab, fluorescent lights here!
  • Do you coordinate your scarves and shoes with whatever hair color you picked this week?   Sweet! Creativity is the spice of life. We’ll never shoot down ideas, and ask the same of anyone we partner with.
  • Do you enjoy drinking really good espresso while you’re “so in the zone it’s ridiculous”?   We have really good expresso and you’re welcome to it, you go-getter.
  • Are you British, or does your health or religion sway you away from coffee?   No judgement here! You can drink our tea, or bring your better tea from home.
  • Is your second language zeros and ones? (That’s computer speak, by the way.)   Neither is ours. If you’re comfortable around computers, know the difference between a PDF and a JPEG, and can crunch some simple numbers, you’re in! We have a preference to Macs around here. But, we play nice with whichever circuit board you decide to tote.
  • You don't tote a circuit board around?   You can use our spare Macbook… if you’re into that sort of thing.
  • What’s that noise?   Oh, we have a small dog named Gabbi. She snores.
  • Do we have any other pets?   Nope, unless you include children.
  • Still on board?   We admire your tenacity!
Want to know more? Smart people ask questions, so ask away! Q: What is Rent Appeal? A: We manage single-family properties in and around Atlanta. Q: Do I need to know anything about property management to work with you? A: Not at first. There’s definitely a lot to know. If you’re interested in property management, there will be plenty of hands-on training. The more you learn, the more you’ll be able to grow with us! Q: What would I be doing every day? A: Well, it wouldn’t be every day - not at first. But, we would train you on how to use our online property management software. It isn’t hard to learn. You’ll answer a few phone calls and probably make a few phone calls. The calls may simply lead people to our website, or you may be doing some maintenance troubleshooting. Again, we’ll train you. Stop stressing! Also, there are less glamorous tasks, like sorting mail and minor accounting. You do know how to project profit/loss margins over a fixed term, right? Just kidding, we have an accountant for that. If you can work a simple spreadsheet, you’ll be fine. Q: Besides caffeinated beverages, how will I be compensated? A: With kind words and oodles of encouragement, of course! Okay, okay… plus $12 an hour. You drive a hard bargain. Q: Is this a temporary position? A: It’s a forever position, if we all want it to be. We can’t see the future, but we really want you to enjoy working with us. And, if you do, why not make it permanent? We may even get you a name plaque! Q: When can I begin? A: Whoa! Tap the breaks, Andretti! We're just as eager as you. But, we barely know each other. Drop us a line and tell us what you're all about, and we'll keep the conversation going! I’m sure we haven’t answered all of your questions. After all, you’re very inquisitive. So, ask away! Contact us to ask questions or express your interest. Nothing is off limits. If this is the worst job posting you’ve every read, tell us that! If you just want to correct our grammar, fine by us! We appreciate you stopping by.